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Common Mistakes Made By Designers

Most of the people think that, it is not necessary for a web designer to even know what SEO is! If you are one of them who do not aware of the power of SEO then you should read this article, it can help you understand how it can help you to make a search engine friendly website design. In this article I will explain how to deal with some general mistakes made by web designers. This article is a quick SEO guide to learn, how to make a website design easier to be found by search engines.


Most of the web designers make a big mistake by placing a “Click here to enter” button on their home page or by using a high resolution banner image. Some designers make it worse by embedding a “enter” link in the flash object making impossible for web crawlers to follow the link.


A lot of designers apply dynamic and flash menus to impress the visitor which is not a good idea because web spiders cannot follow the links from flash menus.


Many designers embed important content like “keywords” in flash banners and images. Web crawlers can only read text; embedding text in flash images and banners does not help you to get crawled by a web spider.


Most common mistake is to left alt attribute empty. You must describe images by using alt attribute because web spiders cannot see the images.


You should have a unique “title” tag for each of your website’s page along with. You should use targeted keywords in your “title” tag but do not use the same keyword because it does not make you more relevant. Many people make the mistake by using a single title tag for whole website.

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